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Discover with us
the secret gems
of Paris!

We guarantee that it’s way more fun

than queuing for the Eiffel tower.

What is "Croque Brique"? 🤔

Croque Brique will guide you into the lesser-known neighborhoods of Paris, and off its beaten tracks, shedding light on the city’s underrated modern history.


The first walks started in August 2021 and take place in the “deep-South” districts (13th, 14th, and 15th).

Upcoming walks 🗓️ 

What does visiting Paris with Croque Brique imply?

c'est quoi?

Off the beaten tracks routes


Are you tired of going to the same hackneyed places in Le Marais or Montmartre everytime you come to Paris? So are we!

Put on your walking shoes and come discover with Croque Brique the marvelous gems of the Parisien deep-south boroughs (13th-14th-15th).

A cross-disciplinary approach


Our visits have a transdisciplinary approach that leave no study field behind : architecture, urbanism, sociology, geography, pop culture, nature, etc.

That more than necessary to understand how really live the boroughs and the city we will be visiting altogether!

Lively & dynamic guided tours


Our visits are meant to be always dynamic  and interactive and never boring. 
You will only see the "best-of" of dozens hours of research per visits.

Except if you prefer long monologues and a monotonous voice, of course.

Easy & online reservation tools


Every booking can be done online, quite simply.

Regular visit time slots are pushed published/posted on the website.
It’s so simple that it’s surprising that the rest of the world still asks you to mail bank checks to do so. 

It's also a free media!


Croque Brique is not just urban visits of Paris!

It’s also content on social media, and a podcast. We are committed to enhance your experience of your favorite spots in Paris through online editorial projects and interaction.




Do you feel lonely because you never receive any emails ? 💔

We can fix this real quick.

​Leave us your email if you are interested in the next walking tours we offer and all the big things Croque Brique holds in store for you.

Which language do you prefer for emails ?

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A propos de moi

Can you just not get Croque Brique out of your mind?🧠

Everyday or so, we post some fresh content (in English and in French) about Paris off the beaten tracks! It’s free and that's it’s for everybody. Follow us to understand all the small pieces of the past on our streets and to discover all the things you have never really been told about Paris.


Follow us to learn about the little bits of history that are secretly scattered across our streets!

Me, myself

and I 🙋

 was born in 1991, in a town a bit further down the Seine. 

I have lived in Paris for more than 10 years. Before that I used to work in advertising before starting to (finally!) do the job I ever wanted.

Except running city tours, I like nefarious poets of the Middle Ages, drinking wine on (a) terraces, wearing mismatched socks and double-checking things on Wikipedia.

Take care,


Mail me! 📩

 Feel free to drop any question to the email address below  :


©2021 par Croque Brique

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